K9 Trainer  ~  Professional Dog Training

Who we are

Guus started training dogs from a young age as part of the family business in Holland with a special interest in so called problem or hard to train dogs. Guus has followed many seminars and dog training course such as Jane Fanell and the Australian National Dog Trainers Federation course. With over 30 years of experience Guus has help many dog owners and their dogs to become a happy team.....

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What we do

We train dogs for detection work, bio-security, conservation, and many other aspects of dog training, including our special In house training programme for people that want their dogs trained and a special course on Dangerous dog handling.....

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Specialist Dog Training

Guus is an approved Bird Aversion Trainer for the Department of Conservation. Guus' special interest in the so called problem dogs has become a big part of the time and special training done. Guus will visit you or you can come to the training facility in Te Puke.....

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Dog Handling Courses

If you are in a service industry that requires contact with dogs, such as posties, home care, delivery, etc then take one of our dog handling courses to see how to deal with dogs on other peoples property.... read more