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Specialty Dog TrainingWith over 20 years experience our lead trainer Guus Knoopers has trained dogs from all walks of life. From the beloved family pet to the abondend stray rescued from death row. The one common factor is the results, outstanding!! Our name may seem misleading as we train dogs for a wide range of roles from family pets, bomb detection, companion dogs, aversion training, pest detection, agility conservation roles and more. While our original theme was conservation dogs (kiwi location, Bio-Security and the likes) we have expanded into traing dogs for a diverse clienteele.

Training dogs for many agencies that cannot be named has proven Guus' skill and ability to produce top quality dogs time and time again. No matter if its training your family pet not to chew your slippers or training a Bio-Security dog to protect a country's border Guus has the ability, passion and patience to achieve results that surpass even the most demanding requirements. Over the last 20+ years Guus has tested and trained dogs from animal shelters, pounds and SPCA facilities to become detection dogs. With New Zealand's low Bio-Security risk and Guus' reputation for outstanding results these dogs are highly sort after by overseas governments for the detection of explosives and other hazardous detection roles.

K9 Trainer also has trained dogs for conservation projects like Macquarie Island (Australia) pest eradication project. Together with Steven Austin, Guus lead a team of handlers to Macquarie Island to work on the eradication of rabbits, rats and other rodents.

Other projects undertaken by K9 Trainer include Mustelid and invasive species projects with in New Zealand for government departments such as the Animal Health Board, Regional Councils and the Department of Conservation. K9 Trainer have also assisted other conservation dog trainers with advice and help to get their dogs through the required certification.

Guus is an approved aversion trainer for the Department of Conservation. He has AUQA and NZQA certified qualifications.

A unique training aspect provided by K9 Trainer is their in-house training option where people can bring their dog to Guus' facility while they go on holiday. Guus and his staff will train your dog while you are away. If you are paying for pet accommodation anyway, then for a small extra investment your dog can be trained at the same time. Depending on the length of time the dog will stay at their facility Guus ensures owners most issues can be dealt with. After returning from their time away the owners will be shown the progress their dog has made and a continuing training plan will be given and explained to the dog's owners.

Guus is a member of dog sports Rotorua and enjoys the dog sport such as fly ball and obedience. With a passion for dog sports Guus is now a member of KNPV (also known as Royal Dutch Police Dog Sport) in Holland. This sport is not currently active in New Zealand but Guus hopes to introduce it to other like minded dog trainers. For more information on KPNV Contact Guus. Other sports Guus would like to see introduced to New Zealand include, French and Belgian ring sports, for more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Ring_Sport & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_Ring .

Guus's Work History and Achievements

Guus training his dogs

Worked for Oversees Government Department.

Trainer and Dog Handler on the Equine Hunting Estate.
Responsible for the day to day training of the estate hunting and tracking dogs.

Certified dog handler under the New Zealand Department of Conservation dog program.
DoC spokesman says "Our dogs have been fully trained by Guus to detect the presents of many species such as Mustelid, Rabbits and other. They have been used to find mustelids in many areas around New Zealand to protect our Native flightless birds and other wildlife. They also are a big part of the trapping programs run by the Animal Health Board for the eradication of TB in New Zealand and overseas."

Approved Bird Aversion trainer for the Department of Conservation
For the last 8 years Guus has been actively involved with the Aversion training also known as Kiwi Aversion Training of hunting and recreational dogs whose owners want to take their dogs on to Conservation land

Bio-Security Dog Handler and Trainer for Environment Bay of Plenty
Guus has trained and handled the Bio-Security dog for the combined Environment Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Department of Conservation project.

Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts Australia - PARKS AND WILDLIFE SERVICE Detector Dog Unit for pest eradication Macquarie Island
Guus was contracted by the Tasmanian government to train four specialized hunting dogs for an environmental project on Macquarie Island, a World Heritage site that is home to several endangered species. This project is to eradicate the rabbit from the island to regain it natural vegetation and stop further erosion. The dogs are trained on indicating live rabbits and ignore any other species that lives on the island.

Dog Handler on Rangitoto, Mototapu Island and Mount Bruce
Dog Handler for the dogs used for the detection of live rabbits on the Rangitoto and Mototapu Eradication project.

Department of Conservation Dog Handler Dog Handler on the Maungatautari and Great Barrier Island Main Island Project
Dog Handler for the dogs used for the detection of live rabbits on this mainland Eradication project.

Facilitator Dangerous Dog handling course (http://doghandling.co.nz)
Specifically catering for staff training where contact with dogs during the normal course of their day is part of the job. Courses are run throughout the year and can be at your location or at any suitable venue.


Dog Handling Courses

If you are in a service industry that requires contact with dogs, such as posties, home care, delivery, etc then take one of our dog handling courses to see how to deal with dogs on other peoples property.... read more